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ERISS is a leading information solutions provider since 1992, specializing in business intelligence collection technologies and methodologies. ERISS has two primary divisions:

  • NCBER - The National Center for Business & Economic Research. This division was formed in 2002 to serve the needs of business and economic development in the United States & Canada.
  • USWorks - This division was formed in 1998 to serve the public workforce sector with information and applications for the purpose of job placement and employer services.

We have built our business on the simple premise that excellent information and communication is the foundation for efficient and effective markets.

The more an organization understands and communicates with its market place, the more able it is to respond to its changing needs and circumstances.This is the underlying motivation behind everything we do as a company. We never stop exploring new technologies and systems, probing new problems, and pioneering new solutions for today's realities and tomorrow's possibilities.

Uniquely ERISS

The last few years have made it clear that we are only in the "infant" stages of the new Information Age. Today we have a clearer picture of what works and what does not.

There is no substitute for real customers, real profits and real market share. Success still goes to the company that can be in front of the right customer at the right time with the right message. This is why information is power. Whereas great strides have been made in the quality and quantity of consumer information, there has been little progress in the availability of good, current B2B intelligence - particularly in the huge numbers of small-to-medium sized businesses.

It is in this sector ERISS has become a vital source of knowledge, expertise and creativity resulting in better solutions.

  • Our knowledge is based on almost a decade of delivering effective workforce solutions to our partners. We never stop learning.
  • Our expertise is based on the skills we have developed to look at information and problems in new ways and apply it in the real world. We are never satisfied.
  • Understanding of our market and our passion for better solutions drives our creativity. Good enough, never is.

The combination of a forward looking, customer-centric philosophy, our dedication to real-world solutions and a track record to prove it, makes ERISS truly unique.

Our clients are our partners. Our continued success hinges on our clients' continued success. Our rapid and continued growth demonstrates the point. Continuous innovation and delivering rock-solid information solutions on schedule is our hallmark. Our long and unblemished track record makes this more than a promise.

With ERISS on your side, you have a team of dedicated professionals you can count on to deliver effective intelligence solutions for the 21st century.