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Comprehensive labor market surveys

Executing large-scale business surveys has been ERISS's specialty and focus since 1996. The proprietary methodologies and accompanying technologies have all been developed in-house and have reached unparalleled efficiencies.

The system has proven itself in more than 150 market surveys, involving almost 2 million businesses in everything from small, rural areas to large metropolitan areas including states. As a result, we have developed a suite of custom programs and processes designed specifically for the purpose.

When ERISS began its survey work in 1996, it began collecting arguably the most difficult type of business information there is: Exact staffing patterns with specific pay scales, benefit offerings, experience and education requirements and more.

At the time, the one existing methodology for collecting this kind of information was stratified random sampling. This approach simply did not provide enough depth, breadth, or customization to be particularly useful for local areas. In addition random sampling is expensive (when measured against dollars per response) and very time consuming.

Working with top scientists in the field, ERISS pioneered a breakthrough in methodology - large-scale, census-style representative sample surveys using a technique known as "stratified proportional quota sampling." The combination of the census approach and sampling technique held the promise of solving the primary problems of the old methodologies by providing enormous amounts of both "deep" and "broad" local representative data in a very short period of time.

To deal with massive amounts of data generated by this new approach, ERISS built a whole new suite of technologies - from sophisticated Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI) systems and real-time validation, to dynamic targeting systems and web delivery applications.

To cap it off, ERISS built their facilities around this new technology, resulting in a state-of-the-art call center housing the most flexible and efficient business survey system in existence and backed up by a highly experienced team of technicians, engineers and scientists.

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Business Cluster Surveys

With taxpayer frustration increasing, and the public clamoring for better results from government programs, there is no better return on investment than reaching out to your employer base. If your region wants to focus on specific industry sectors or clusters we can do it – quickly and efficiently. Nothing can compare to and no methodology can compete against speaking directly with your employer base. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that potentially up to 66% of jobs are in the hidden job market. When we call your employers, we uncover the "hidden job market for you; to help your clients get their foot in the door first! With ERISS surveys, you are in control and we ask the questions your region needs to know.

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Business Retention and Attraction Surveys

For economic developers and business services units: don't get surprised by your next business defection. We are specialists in identifying future plans of your business community – whether it is an impending layoff, or employers considering a move out of your region, or employers who are projecting growth either by hiring additional employees or expanding into new facilities.

We work hand in hand with your staff to provide this information in real-time, delivered by both email and directly into our award-winning economic development and workforce development technology. Your team will be able to generate lists instantly, at any time, of all businesses that are considering leaving your region with in-depth detail about each business. Similarly, your team can generate real-time lists on all employers considering expansion, by cit by county, by industry.

Nowhere else can you get such real-time intelligence about current and future plans of your employer base in a web application that works the way you do.

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Rapid Re-Employment Surveys - - Current Openings and Future Openings Surveys

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that up to 66% of jobs today are never posted and are in the "hidden job market".

We work hand in hand with your case managers and job developers to uncover this hidden job market by surveying your employer base year round and identifying specific current and future job openings for immediate action by your team. In these challenging economic times, your clients need every advantage they can get in order to get their foot in the door before that job is actually posted. We deliver these "hot leads" to your team within 24 hours of collecting them from employers. These leads get fed into our award-winning workforce technology where your staff can instantly pull up all current and projected openings in your region, identify the employers who have these employers, identify the occupations these employers are projecting, sorting these openings by zip or city, then getting instant matches of jobseekers in your inventory".

By using this system, not only will you be able to get people back to work faster, but by doing so, your region could saves millions of dollars in unemployment benefits.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Two customer categories are targeted:

  • Agency Business Customers
  • Job Seeker Customers

In order to develop the required Feedback Mechanism enabling the Agency, its vendors, and jobseekers to utilize satisfaction data for decision making purposes we use the following process for each Customer Category.

Agency Business Customers

Creation of Survey Tool

ERISS Corp has developed and implemented many satisfaction surveys, and will work with your Agency to develop a concise and targeted customer satisfaction survey.

Data Collection

A telephone survey methodology will be employed utilizing stratified random sample or a census style stratified survey, depending upon the number eligible to be surveyed during each period.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data will be aggregated statistically tabulated using SPSS (PAWS) statistical analysis software. For each reporting period, required elements will be tabulated and reported to enable an evaluation of perceived value of services delivered and customer satisfaction.

Jobseeker Customers

Jobseeker customers can be surveyed in a similar manner to the business surveys. Specifically, an attempt would be made to survey all jobseeker customers in a rolling manner. Monthly customer satisfaction data will be reported for each Center or Program.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Reporting

A yearly actionable report will be provided detailing the customer satisfaction and value data, with an emphasis on managerial and operational relevance. This report will include a full description of the data and collection methodologies.

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