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"The State of Indiana needed to reach out to businesses and get answers to vital workforce issues. ERISS did an A+ job for us and within a very tight time frame. I would highly recommend them."

- Andrew Penca, former Commissioner, Indiana DWD.

"When it comes to making data user-friendly and relevant, no-one does it better than ERISS"

- Joe Paterno, Executive Director Southwest Florida WDB

"ERISS did an outstanding job in tracking and following up with our clients."

- Reg Javier San Diego Workforce Partnership

"We have partnered with ERISS for over 10 years to help us engage our entire employer community and get important workforce data. You can always depend on them for an excellent product and excellent customer service; they really listen and exceed our expectations."

- David Lundberg, Santa Cruz WIB

"Thank you for completing on time and within budget our first Inland Empire High Technology Business Sector Survey Report. Your identifiers of projected growth and high cost assets such as employees, office space, capital investment, financial needs, and profitability status gave us the information to design programs and services that contribute to the bottom line of our emerging high tech sectors. Obtaining the level of interest from our regional firms to receive information and support IEtechSOURCE immediately launched two new programs that respond to this inquiry. We have an immediate return on our investment from your work. ERISS produced a thorough, well organized, easy to read, and accurate document that we are proud to distribute."

- Diane Wirth, Executive Director

"Finally, we have current, local labor market data that is of real value to the economic developers in the area. This demand-side information is helping us build a stronger link between workforce development and economic development."

- Workforce Alliance Chairman

"This labor market data is as real-time as it gets. We're no longer limited to the old-style historical projections, which were never of much value to employers."

- Workforce Alliance Vice Chairman

"Research that reflects what employers are doing right now and what they plan to do in the next year is powerful information for the public and private sectors. It was reassuring to learn that despite being in one of the areas hardest hit by the current recession, our business owners are optimist about the future. "

- Regional Area Economic Partnership Chairman

"This survey and Web site provide us with new information that we can use moving forward with workforce development and training initiatives."

- Workforce Alliance Executive Director

"Although the Alliance had high expectations for the job matching features of the Web site, we never expected such a positive impact on our customers' morale and motivation. The immediate feedback of the magnets helps the customers see their value in the labor market, and we are seeing the difference in their confidence levels. We've seen enormous response from small and medium-size businesses that had never before considered Internet applicant search. We are certain this will result in more placements with long-term stability."

- Career Development Director